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See what Sarsfields GAA player, Alan Smith has to say about his coaching 10-week plan with Dean!



John Allen - Multiple Group 1 Winning Jockey


​“Soon after I began training with Dean, I started to feel the benefit throughout my whole body. My overall strength and fitness have improved and I am feeling good both in and out of the saddle. I really notice the benefits after a long day riding at the trials or races, my body feels less tight and is now better equipped to deal with these demanding days.

Dean's sessions are always challenging and interesting and I highly rate him as a knowledgeable and professional coach”

Domic (2).jpg

Aiden Domic - Werribee Tigers Australian Rules Football (VFL)


​"I trained with Dean for many years and throughout my time spent with him I learnt an enormous amount in regards to my own fitness and the fitness industry. Deans ability to foster a people first approach to training combined with extensive knowledge in the field leaves both athletes and general population clients with the best chance of success. I would highly recommend Dean for anyone looking to see improvements in athletic performance, everyday life and mindset."

Alan Smith  - Sarsfields GAA Club, Co. Kildare

"Before I began with Dean I had no real structure to my physical training and I constantly felt niggles from previous injuries. I am feeling better, moving better and I have definitely noticed improvements in my overall strength levels. I would recommend Dean to any young athlete who wants to take the next step in their physical preparation and to help their on field performance "



Josh Attwood - Track Sprinter 

"Dean is a coach that is passionate about working with an athlete to achieve their goals. He forms relationships quickly and works with athletes to assist them in their development. Dean is truly one of the most knowledgeable and passionate coaches out there, and in my year's training with Dean, I always knew his goal was to better me as an athlete and a person."


Yabaki Cakautini - Fiji Tribe Australian Rules Football National Team Member


"I highly recommend Dean, as an athlete we all would like to have a trainer and a coach that’s always eager to push us to our limits, to motivate us to be a better athlete and a better person, to have a competitive mindset in a unique way that’ll help improve your skills and techniques during training and also during game day. I’ve spent most of my time working alongside Dean while he was in Fiji and I’ve learned a lot from him he is always trying to get things right from the basics of every skill and technique to game day coaching. He is always eager to help others and I miss having him around in Fiji, in my current training timetable I’ve included all that Dean has taught me and it’s been an amazing experience.

Dean, thank you for bringing out the best in me as an athlete and as a  person."

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