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My Coaching Philosophy

I coach because I love to help people develop as athletes in their sport and as people in life. I am committed to continually search for ways to improve myself and the people around me. My aim is to build lasting relationships with athletes and fellow coaches and to create an environment of communication and sharing to help each other improve and grow as people. I aim to develop athletic abilities and sustainable life skills in all people I get to work with. I always strive to create a fun environment where everyone feels safe to express themselves to be the best they can be. Helping people be better in everything they do is why I coach.



  • Master of Science in Mental Skills and Mental Health in Sport & Exercise 

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

  • Bachelor of Business (Equine)

  • ASCA Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach 


  • IRFU Youth Coach 

  • Middle & Long Distance Running Coach Level 2 Athletics Australia

  • Weightlifting Coach AWF Level 1 (Australian Weightlifting Federation)

  • AFL (Australian Football) Coach Level 1


coaching plans:

field, gym & running based

 Mix up your training environment using field/court sessions,  gym and running to keep your training diverse.

field/court based

The on field or on court sessions are designed to be more game specific. Focusing on the acceleration, speed, change of direction and agility demands of the sport

gym based

The gym based sessions are designed to physically prepare the athlete to be strong, powerful and robust to handle the demands of their sport

running based

 Running programs can be designed to suit anyone wanting to run casually for fitness or race in distances from 800m to marathon

Coaching Options are 1:1, Small Group Training or Online.

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